Starting during the COVID 19 pandemic, I am providing more visits through telemedicine technology. Over the last few years, I have found telemedicine to be valuable for our long distance patients. I will be available for the care that must be provided in-person in the office, but more of the office visits will be conducted in an online setting, using telemedicine technology.

I am currently Zoom products. Please follow the link above to download the appropriate software to your device ahead of time, choose either Zoom Desktop Client or Zoom Mobile Apps. I would prefer if you used a tablet or laptop computer or desktop computer with a camera, as opposed to a phone because larger screens will make it easier to see the detailed images.

If you do use a tablet or phone, try to have a stand to keep it steady, as this will be a two way video call. Also, try to have a good internet connection and a quiet room.

Please have patience in this process as this is new to us as well and we will have limited resources.